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The integrated SAFECONNTM high voltage interlock system was introduced by Gamma Vacuum to create a safe environment when working with the high voltage cables of an ion pump.

Materials carry up to 10kV of DC current at temperatures up to 250° C. Radiation tolerance is balanced with material flexibility to provide a 90° turning radius while maintainingexposures up to 2 x 105 Gray.

The silicone cable carries high voltage and an isolated 5-volt signal for the safety circuit. When properly connected, the 5-volt circuit is satisfied and only then can the DIGITELTM controllers enable high voltage by the end user or through remote commands.

Once high voltage is enabled, the controller automatically disables high voltage when the cable is disconnected from the ion pump or controller.

The system is electrically isolated to eliminate noise potential that could interfere with other electrical equipment on the same vacuum system.

The SAFECONN safety connection guarantees ground, high voltage, and then safety interlock connectivity when connecting to prevent accidental arcing.

The SAFECONN system guarantees the safety of the operator and equipment from the hazards of working with high voltage by eliminating electrical shocks and false positive vacuum.


Technical specifications

Material (reference)

Radiation (Gray, tolerance)

Temperature (°C, max)

Copper (1, 3, 4) >108 250
Brass/Nickel (8) >108 327
Beryllium/Copper/Gold (8) >108 643
Spring Steel/Nickel (8) >108 1427
PEEK (8) 5 x 107 325
Fiberglass Braid (6) 2 x 107 250
Silicone Rubber (2, 5, 7, 8) 2 x 105 250



Bend Radius, mm (in) 12.7 (0.5)
Diameter, mm (in), nominal 8.0 (0.3)
Minimum Removal Clearance, mm (in) 127 (5.0)

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