Gamma Vacuum
The science of advanced vacuum

Custom Products

Gamma Vacuum has a wide range of standard products on the shelf or built to order. Dedicated research and engineering staff are available for producing custom ion pumps for any application.

Custom applications have included:

  • SEM ion pumps (patent pending)
  • Unique port configurations
  • Custom dimensions
  • High pressure applications
  • Extreme high vacuum (XHV) applications
  • Legacy feedthrough adaptions
Legacy Feedthrough Applications
Pictured are the 10kV SHV, Old Perkin Elmer, Fischer, Old Varian, and Varian Starcell
SEM Ion Pumps
Specially designed for particle, electrical, and magnetically sensitive applications, SEM ion pumps block emmissions and stray magnetic fields
Mini and 3S Designs
Custom port configurations for small pump applications fitting into new and legacy systems
Custom Electronics
OEM labeling and multiple output designs for new and legacy systems integration. Pictures is the dual output remote TSP.
Special Flange Systems
Unique applications can require special flange mating. A custom 600LX with garlock flange clamp system is pictured.
Legacy Feedthroughs
The popular 10S ion pump with an old Varian feedthrough started as a customized product.
TV Series Ion Pumps
Starting as specials to exactly match competitive dimensions, the TV has become a standard pump that can still be customized. Pictured is the 150TV with a custom sideport.
Legacy Ion Pumps
Some manufacturers obsolete ion pumps without thought to thier customer's reengineering efforts. Gamma can often use common parts for legacy applications and reduce cost in the process.

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