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Non-Evaporable Getters

NEG Cartridges

NEG Cartridges

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PN Descripton
N410 `ASY,PMP,NEG 410,2.75CF "MS"
N100 ASY,PMP,N100,2.75CF
N200 ASY,PMP,N200,2.75CF
N300 ASY,PMP,N300,2.75CF
N50 ASY,PMP,N50,2.75CF
N400 ASY,PMP,NEG 400,2.75CF "XLR"


Alloy Composition: ZrVFe
Getter Mass: 42-150 g
Getter Surface: 88-315 sq. cm.
H2 Pumping Speed: 145 l/s
CO Pumping Speed: 70 l/s
H2 Sorption Capacity: 312 Torr L
CO (Amb) Sorption Capacity: 0.4 Torr L
CO Total Sorption Capacity: 280 Torr L


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  • NEG Cartridge Manual
  • N50 Specifcation Sheet
  • N400 Specification Sheet
  • N300 Specification Sheet
  • N200 Specifcation Sheet
  • N100 Specifcation Sheet

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