Gamma Vacuum
The science of advanced vacuum

About Gamma Vacuum

Gamma Vacuum designs and manufactures ion pumps, titanium sublimation pumps, non-evaporable getters and their controls.

We are an industry leading ion pump supplier because of superior quality, delivery, and service. The employees of Gamma Vacuum have experience in real-world vacuum environments ranging from systems manufacturing and optics handling to TIG welding for vacuum environments. 

Our staff and facility are dedicated to one thing: Creating the purest vacuum environments on earth.

Original Ultek Ion Pumps
Gamma Vacuum continues to support legacy Ultek, Perkin Elmer (PE), and Physical Electronics products.
Captorr Ion Pumps
Designed under Perkin Elmer, the Captorr was the predecessor to the TiTan design.
TiTan Ion Pumps
Developed at Physical Electronics and continually enhanced by Gamma Vacuum, the TiTan design continues to be the latest ion pump techology available.
Class 1000 Cleanroom
All vacuum assemblies are manufactured and assembled in a clean environment after appropriate cleaning processes are complete.
High Capacity
The Gamma Vacuum facility has production capacity of 40 ion pumps per day.
Original Perkin Elmer Advertising
”So fast all the competition sees is a blur...”
The Original Digitel 500
As designed in the 1980's, the 500 is still going strong in facilities around the globe.
The Digitel MPC (Muliple Pump Controller)
Redesigned in the 1990's by Physical Electronics, the MPC delivered 2 high voltage outputs in a 3U high package.
The Digitel MPCe (Muliple Pump Controller)
Gamma Vacuum has redefined the MPC by enhancing the user interface and robustness features. The touchscreen display enables ease of operation for any feature regardless of how complex.
Electronics Assembly
Gamma Vacuum proudly assembles and tests our controller products in house to ensure optimal quality.
Captorr Ion Pumps
The original 10S and 20S from Perkin Elmer
Custom Ion Pumps
Gamma Vacuum has a long history of offering custom pumps for specific and high volume applications.
Captorr 320/400
Shown dramiatically on the cover of the 1987 Perkin Elmer catalog.
Now replaced by the DIGITEL Small Pump Controller (SPC), the Ionpak was an economic self contained controller with no user interface.
High Capacity
The Gamma Vacuum facility has production capacity of 40 ion pumps per day.
Ion Pump Plasma
Just in case you have never seen an ion pump running at 1xe-6 mbar, the sight is near spectacular.
The TNBX was discontinued in the early 1990's by Physical Electronics. Gamma Vacuum can provide repair and replacement assistance.

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